3 ways to make money online

The best way to earn money online these days is to own a content-rich niche focused website which you optimize for profitable keywords.

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How do you actually earn money from this fabulous website of yours ?

We’ll have a look at 3 methods which you can use to optimise the traffic that is coming to your website.


Sell your own product

Quite frankly, this is the most profitable route. If you don’t want to deal with shipping and handling, the best option is to create an info product. This can take the form of a series of auto-responder email courses, a video tutorial, a set of CDs or DVDs or an ebook. You can attract keen affiliate marketers to help you sell your product for a commission by advertising your infoproduct on affiliate network sites such as www.clickbank.com

Earn commissions selling other people’s products

For this option, you again become a member of an affiliate network such as www.clickbank.com but instead of selling your product, you are now looking for products to market on your website. As long as the product is related to the content on your site, is good quality and adds value to your visitor’s knowledge, your site will grow in stature as you are advertising valuable information. Sites you can explore for goods are Amazon , eBay, Commission Junction and www.clickbank.com

Sell advertising

For this method to work, you do need a lot of traffic. The Clickthrough rates for sites is pretty low, anywhere up to 5% and each click is usually under US$1 per click, so unless you are attracting millions of visitors to your website, this method will not make you rich. Having said that, it might earn you a nice complimentary income. There are different Ad networks you can investigate : Google Ads, Yahoo Network, AdBrite, Kontera to name just a few.

What else ?

There are other methods you can explore:

  • Selling goods on eBay
  • Writing articles for other people
  • Advertising your services on professional services networks or online classified ad sites

None of these last methods has the capacity to build you an online web business which can grow to eventually replace your main stream of income.

If you focus on either selling your own or someone else’s product and selling advertising on your own site instead , you will own your own traffic and be in total control of how your revenue is generated.

Your success will only depend on your own ambition and motivation.

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