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The internet is undoubtedly the largest and most easily accessible source of information. With more and more individuals relying on the internet for all their needs, it has become indispensable for every kind of organization to make their online presence. The same holds true for nonprofits. While the biggest anxiety for nonprofits is to discover the method and means of how to grab and hold attention in the virtual world, it is not as big a task as it may seem.

The first step towards achieving the goal of creating a remarkable online presence for a nonprofit is to create a website. The website needs to be information-oriented and should tell the reader about the objective of the nonprofit along with the causes it supports and the progress made so far. The website should also highlight the call to action, which in most cases is to make a donation or volunteer to support the cause. Once this is accomplished, attention should be turned towards making the site more visible on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. This can be accomplished by acquiring a spot in sponsored listings or creating a place in the top ranks of organic search results. While the former comes at a cost, the latter simply requires adhering to the principles of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. I can often by a good idea to go to a professional company to cater to your online marketing needs. Opmax- Search Engine Optimisation in Maidenhead.

By applying Search Engine Optimization strategies you can ensure that your website appears in the top few search results of a search engine results page. Search engine result pages list sites that are most relevant to a particular keyword search. Optimizing your site to this effect will help increase the number of visitors to your website as internet users are most inclined to visit sites that appear in the top 5 results of a search.

Search Engine Optimization can be done for a site by ensuring the following:

  • Researching relevant keywords
  • Optimizing content on your website for those keywords
  • Indulging in Link building exercises
  • Creating fresh content
  • Launching a blog
  • Using analytics to your advantage
  • Social Media such as Linkined in can be a great way to network. George is a top SEO expert in Maidenhead.
Article Marketing Explained

Article Marketing Explained 0

Wikipedia defines article marketing as:

“A type of advertising in which businesses write short articles related to their respective industry. These articles are made available for distribution and publication in the marketplace.

Each article contains a bio box and byline that include references and contact information for the author’s business. Well-written content articles released for free distribution have the potential of increasing the authoring business’ credibility within its market as well as attracting new clients.”



Does article marketing work?

Yes, it does. But you have to be committed to it.

That means you can’t write one or two articles, and expect to see results. In order for article marketing to be effective, you have to write many articles consistently over time.

How Many Articles Do You Need to Write to See Results?

It’s been my experience that serious article marketers usually write at least one article per week. I personally write a minimum of two articles each week. Again, that’s a minimum. I’ve written as many as three or four articles in one week.

So What’s the Secret of Article Marketing? Why Does it Work?


Article marketing works for three main reasons:

1. It Gives You Credibility. Writing articles allows you to present yourself as an expert in your field – provided, of course, you really are an expert, or at the very least have above average knowledge of the topic that you’re writing about. This not only gives you instant credibility, it also gives you a leg up on your competition.

Let me explain. When someone reads an informative, value-packed article written by you, at the end of the article they click on the link in your resource box which takes them to your website or a page of your choosing.

The prospect is much more relaxed and less apprehensive when she arrives at your website, because she arrived via an informative article that she herself chose to read, as opposed to an intrusive, hyped-up advertisement.

And since she just read your article, she is much more comfortable with you, and as a result is much more likely to purchase whatever it is that you’re selling.

2. It’s Targeted. People generally read information that focuses on the subject matter that they’re interested in. For example, pet owners will read information related to their pets. Car enthusiasts will read information about cars, and so on and so forth.

That means readers of your articles are already targeted. And if what you’re selling is related to the subject matter of the article (which it should be), you have a better than average chance of making the sale.

3. Articles Are Viral. That means if people find value in what you write, they will pass along your articles to others voluntarily. I can’t even count the number of times friends and colleagues of mine have e-mailed articles to me they thought I might be interested in reading, and vice versa.

If your article is well-written and presents valuable information, it could be passed along and seen by thousands of potential prospects.

But What if I’m Not a Good Writer?

Now I realize not everyone is capable of writing articles. However, you can still participate in article marketing, because there are services that will ghost-write articles for you at a reasonable price, and allow you to claim ownership of those articles.

One extremely reputable article marketing service that I have particular high regard for is Bill Platt’s

One Last Thing About Article Marketing

I know it’s popular to submit your articles to all the top article directories, or use the latest software to blast your article to a gazillion publishers. But I disagree with that approach.

I find it’s much more effective to choose one or two initial publications that you would like to be featured in, then work on developing a relationship with them. That’s exactly the method I use today.

I’ve established a relationship with a couple of select publications, and I submit my articles to them exclusively. If you want to have some control over where your articles are published, I advise you to do the same.

Why Online Marketing is the new gold rush

Why Online Marketing is the new gold rush 0

8  BIG Reasons Why Online Marketing Is Important written by: Jose Monsalve



Reasons key  Why Online Marketing Is Important

Advancement in technology has driven more people to the internet in search of information or even products to buy. Therefore, this is a clear indication that you can never go wrong with online marketing. Online or internet marketing is important for your business because of the following reasons:
1. Makes it convenient to target a specific market


It is easier to divide your clients to different groups and reach them in a way suitable for each. You can do this by making your advertisements available to each of them based on location, age or any other factor.
2. It is easier to track the number of people you reach out to

Online marketing enables you to track your progress in advertising. You will be able to track everything from the moment the customer visits your site to when you make a sale. This enables you to perfect any area of marketing that went wrong.
3. Less costly way of advertising

This has proven to be quite economical compared to other ways of marketing and more people are embracing the use of the internet. One will spend less on starting a website or marketing through social media and you will be able to access your target market.
4. Enables you to reach a wider market

Almost every household in most parts of the world has access to the internet. This implies that if you use online marketing for your business millions will know about it as long as you use it well and hence you will make more money.
5. It is interactive, hence brings you closer to the customer

Internet marketing enables the user to browse through whatever he or she may want and get the required information. Besides reading about what is advertised, potential customers can ask questions to find out more about the products.
6. Increased product awareness

It is easier and faster to ensure people are aware of your product by using the internet as opposed to other methods. Anyone is likely to come across your product while browsing through the internet and get to know about it even if one had no intentions of searching for it online.
7. Enables customer engagement and builds confidence in your products

You will find that online platform easily brings the buyer and seller closer at any time. This enables the consumer to find out more about the product directly from the seller hence builds confidence in the product advertised.
8. Helps to boost sales! – the most important reason of all ! ?

Everyone prefers buying products online from the comfort of their homes or even offices hence by marketing your products online you make it easier for one to purchase them. In fact online shopping is currently trending therefore you will never go wrong using online marketing.
There are numerous advantages that come with online marketing for any one in any line of business. You can get started by building a site and also make your presence known in various social media platforms. This will help you take your business to the next level and make it known around the world.

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