Choosing the best online business opportunity 0

Questions to ask

When you try to choose the best online business opportunity, you inevitably end up researching the Forex market, the Paid Survey industry and the Data Capture job field. We’ll show you a better alternative and explain the 3 factors that are crucial in selecting the best online business opportunity.


To choose the best online business, you should ask yourself if it answers to all of the following :

  • Do you build your own business, or are you working to make someone else money?
  • Is your earning potential unlimited, or constrained by the amount of hours you are sitting behind your computer?
  • Does the business have the potential to expand and grow?

Let’s have a look at these in detail.

Own your own business

Doing paid survey work or data entry jobs will perhaps give you some money on the side, but how sustainable is it in the long run?

If the company goes bankrupt you will be out of a job and your income will dry up.

The speculative forex market is nothing less than technical gambling.
If you have lots of money to throw away, feel free to enter it at your own risk.

The only people I have seen making money in this industry are those providing the trading platforms and those teaching forex trading methods.

Rather be your own boss.

If I told you it is possible to create your own online business and your success depended on nothing more than your own motivation, would you want to find out more ?

Sure you do: check out this site: Site Build-It

Free up your own time

Any work where the revenue earned is in direct relation to the amount of time you spend working on it sounds like a bad business model to me.

Undoubtedly, if you create your own web business, you will be putting in a lot of time initially, but as your site grows and progresses, you will need to spend less time maintaining it and use your time wisely to grow it or duplicate its success.

Ken Evoy has a great way to explain it when he shows how SBI fits in with work-from-home opportunities: Work from Home Opportunities

Expand your potential

Once your webbusiness has started earning even a moderate amount of revenue, do you sit on your laurels or find ways to increase your profit ?

Clearly you want to make more !

An opportunity is not really an opportunity if you can only do it once.

The success must be repeatable, otherwise you cannot grow.

With an online webbusiness, you will be able to outsource a lot of the work once it is in maintenance mode while you research your next niche so you can start your second and third site.