Make money on the internet in 3 easy steps

To make money on the internet you don’t need to have a degree in computer engineering or have the most entrepreneurial spirit in the world. There are sites that advertise online jobs such as data entry or filling out surveys for a fee but those are very dependent on the organization who you work through. This makes you vulnerable to scams and fly-by-night operations.

With a little bit of effort and a lot of information gathering, it is possible to make money on the internet independently.

It all boils down to marketing and selling products. You can create your own website where you do the marketing, or you can even market other people’s products without your own website.


The three steps involve research, action and monitoring to help you tune and tweak your projects. For a more detailed look, I recommend reading the free ‘Affiliate Masters Course’.


Whether you will market products with your own website or without one, you will need to spend some time researching the market (or niche in seo-speak) you plan to represent. Your research will be focused on finding products for which there is sufficient demand, that will sell easily and if you will be marketing other people’s products, you will need to determine which companies offer the most attractive affiliate commissions and terms.


Here you need to do the physical work of marketing your chosen product. You can either create your own website (do-it-yourself if you know HTML, or use a service which will help you build websites easily) or decide to market products without your own website. Once you are ready to start marketing, you will need to attract web traffic to your website or affiliate links as these are your potential customers.
The more traffic, the more potential for online earnings.

Monitor and tweak

You will need to monitor your efforts in order to understand what works and what does not. By testing different marketing methods and website components, you will be able to make a difference in your online earnings and targeted traffic .

The beauty of these steps is that they are repeatable. Once you have done the research, action and monitoring, you will be able to duplicate your initial effort in much less time than the first project because you are now over the initial learning curve.

This means that even if your initial project is not raking in thousands of dollars per month, even a modest profit per month is a blueprint for creating similar projects which will undoubtedly be more profitable as your skills in research and marketing improve with experience.

One thing to remember is that if you make money on the internet in this way, it is largely ‘passive’ income.

Even though the initial project will definitely not be profitable if you count the number of hours you spend on it, you do not need to charge a client or employer per month or per hour to get income, it happens by itself.

This is where the true power of these steps comes in, the fact that it is repeatable.

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