The small business owner’s dilemma 0

Many small business owners have faced this problem: They know online marketing is the future, that most transactions are made online, that the majority of their customers are online and they know that if they are going to be a profitable business long term, they have to be visible here. But it is tough. Essentially the survival and health of your business, ( and family) depends on something you know NOTHING about. It is obviously something of much stress.

Go the PPC route?

So the 1st route is pay through your ar*se for Adwords (bad idea) Some companies can make it work, some. But generally the PPC advertising route is a slow death or the long road to meagre profits for any small business. It is no surprise that Google is one of the richest corporations on the planet, far richer than many 3rd world countries with over 300 billion in revenues EVERY year. You can be damn sure that they want to keep this system in place, this means making any other method of online marketing as difficult as possible. ( cough cough SEO ).

Find a ‘respectable agency’?

The 2nd route is to to go for some kind of white label agency. Again, there are very few agencies that have a clue what they are doing when it comes to SEO in 2015. You will be told ‘ SEO is a long term thing’ 8 months into a campaign with no results. It doesn’t matter if they say they worked at Google. Do they actually have any ranking proof?

Get a Freelancer ?

Better than the 1st 2 options in some respects, yet not without its difficulties. There are many freelancers who look great and promise ‘100% white hat SEO’ yet will end up getting your web page in a Google penalty. There are many people from all around the world who are willing to work for you for very competitive rates.
Look at
So ask, do they really know Google’s Terms of Service.